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Our clients are constantly amazed by what we can do with creative lighting in a space. More than any other element, lighting has the power to draw your guests attention to the right places, and de-emphasize areas you don't want them to be focused on. We can take a bland, dated room and transform it completely into something magical, without the expense of drapery, flats, or set pieces. We can take a stunning room and make it look astounding; lighting truly has the ability to change the entire feel of a venue, and is almost always the lowest cost option to achieve that goal.


The price of lighting varies based upon the size of the room, complexity, and number of light fixtures used. Take a look below to get a basic understanding of what each type of the most common lights do.

LED Up-Lighting
Up-lighting is typically placed on the ground and is used to highlight walls, columns, ceilings, and architectural elements. It is typically colored to provide a strong effect and contrast other lighting in the room. As this creates an indirect form of light, the effect is a naturally soft glow, and is one of the most popular effects used. Up-lighting used to be achieved using round lights know as 'Parcans' which contained bright, incandescent bulbs that got very hot and used a sheet of 'Gel' in the top to create the color. Many lighting companies still use incandescent Parcans today due to their low cost.


A far better light is achieved using modern, LED up-Lighting... the only type we use at MEGA Event Production. LED Lighting uses color mixing to achieve the desired color. Much like a television screen, an LED light contains pixels of Red, Green, and Blue, enabling dynamic mixing of any one of 16 million colors. They also have the added advantage of low power consumption and generate little or no heat, so they are much safer to use around guests and don't pose a fire risk.


LED units come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the intended use. We use Parcans, Strips, and Blocks, depending on the effect required. Each can be programmed to a specific color, fade through colors, be sound activated or completely controlled by your lighting technician.

Lekos (Ellipsoidal) Lights & Gobos
Lekos are a type of incandescent light typically used in stage productions that include a lens system to vary the throw distance, beam size, and focus. They can be used on stage as a simple wash, to accent a set piece or architectural element, or to block very specific areas with light. As these lights use high output incandescent bulbs which get hot, they are usually placed up high on light 'trees' or rigged to the ceiling or wall for added safety.


One of the main uses for Lekos in Event lighting is the ability to display patterns and create textures on surfaces; this is achieved using Gobos. Gobos are steel or glass elements that project their pattern to create a soft look on a dance floor, ceiling, wall or tents. There are thousands of designs to choose from including beautiful florals, clouds, or abstract patterns which we coordinate with the décor or event theme. They are also used to project company logos or custom designed monograms. Our Basic lighting packages include a combination of LED up-lights and Lekos to project patterns for an amazing effect.

Pinspots & Small Pars
Pinspots & Small Pars are small lights that are used to light areas such as a tabletops, floral arrangements, bars, and wedding cakes. They are typically mounted in multiples on poles near the perimeter of the room. A common event use is 'Pinspotting' tables, where a light is used to accent guest tables or table floral arrangements so that they seem to 'pop' with the rest of the light in the room. White is the most common color used, but colored 'Gel' sheets can be placed on top to create color.

Intelligent (Moving Head) Lighting
Intelligent lights are computer controlled units that provide the ability to more the light beam either by the fixture itself moving or using a moving mirror. They are often used for concerts and larger events, but we are also using them at corporate events and elegant weddings for their ability to slowly move beautiful patterns around a room or dance floor. The units can be controlled precisely and colors, speed, patterns, and programs can be modified on the fly to compliment the style of music being played.


They bring a unique 'large event' look to an event and are available as Spot units (with similar properties as a leko light, but moving), and Wash units to provide a dynamic flood of color. Through this technology we can create a soft luxurious fairy tale event or turn an entire room into a night club.

Effects Lighting
There are a variety of effects available to use for events, each having their own unique characteristics. Some of the most commonly used include LED Effects Lights, UV Effects, Strobes, and Lasers. LED Effects Lights are a very popular effect for providing great high energy patterns and motion on dance floors that repeat a pre-programmed pattern and may or may not be sound activated. We recommend using a couple whenever you expect people to be dancing to enhance the excitement to those areas. For more on Effects Lighting and Special Effects, take a look at our Special Effects page.

Ultraviolet (UV) or Black light cannons and strips are used to create a 'glowing' effect on fluorescing materials such as white fabric and special paints; typically used for haunted houses and clubs. Strobes are used to provide a bright, white flashing fill effect popular with dance music, and finally lasers are available in a variety of colors (although green and red are still the most prominent) for patterns and images that look like they are suspended in the air.

Truss Up-Lighting
Truss lighting is an alternative to traditional up-lighting where the light is placed inside a lighting truss, typically when they are standing vertical. For an industrial look the truss can also stay exposed; for a softer and more contemporary feel, the truss can be wrapped in white spandex.

A followspot is a stage light which contains a very powerful, bright bulb and is used to illuminate a performer on a stage who will most likely be moving around. Followspots are used at larger concert events to track the lead signers in bands, and come with an operator who moves the light around to 'follow' the subject. We use small followspots at many Weddings to highlight a couple embarking on their first dance. It's also a great light effect to shine at a mirror ball to fill a room with beams of light!

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