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Drapery can be very elegant especially when combined with up-lighting. It's a great way to disguise areas of a venue or to add a soft splash of color behind your stage or an area of focus in the room. We use drapery to hide architectural features, partition rooms and spaces, provide light blocking, and create a seamless look.


Décor elements are used to provide depth and visual interest within a room or within a stage set. We often use large pieces for backdrops in conferences to provide texture and depth for lighting elements. They are often created in Spandex over frames, in Perspex or textured plastics, or unusual materials such a wire screen or industrial surfaces. Some décor elements can be custom printed with your company logo or event theming to help tie it all together.


Banjo Cloth Drapery

Banjo drape is a medium-weight fabric with an uneven thread pattern to it and a light sheen or shimmer at certain points where the threads are thickest. Banjo cloth has long been recognized as the industry standard for convention drapes because of its low cost and inherently flame resistant characteristics. Most Convention Centers and Commercial Decorators use this fabric for their decorating needs. It is often used as a backdrop in conjunction with lighting packages to enhance the beams. We offer our banjo drapes in a large variety of flame retardant sizes and colors.


Poly Premier Drapery

Poly Premier Drape Fabric has the look at feel of quality linen and doesn't have variation between dye lots (which can occur in banjo cloth). This is an elegant alternative to Banjo Cloth. Poly Premier isn't just for trade shows; it make a perfect backdrop drape for speeches, hung in church auditoriums, or for wedding and graduation ceremonies. This versatile fabric is affordable yet gives the appearance of fine linen drapes. We offer our Poly Premier Drapes in a large variety of flame retardant sizes and colors.


Velour Drapery

Velour Drape Fabric has the look and feel of crushed velvet and is available in a number of 'weights' (denoting it's thickness) from 12oz through to 21oz. Velour is the industry standard for backdrops and room dividers for Conferences and Corporate Meetings. Heavier weight fabric has the added advantage of providing sound dampening qualities, and is also nearly 100% opaque to help with light spill issues. Most projection screen borders are created using Velour, so continuing a line of pipe and drape in the same material makes for a very seamless backdrop.


We only stock high quality, unpleated, 21oz cotton velour drapes. We offer our flame retardant Velour Drapes in a variety of sizes and four colors including black, gray , royal blue, or red.



Most carpet used for events is marine grade, so it is protected from most water, mildew, and mold damage. We use a plush finish carpet for entryways -- red carpet is a great way to create a "Hollywood" style entrance -- and trade show booth flooring. A thinner more robust carpet is used for stage coverings, tent flooring, and trade show open area flooring. It is available in a large variety of sizes and colors.


Stanchions & Rope

Stanchions are used in combination with ropes to create lines and direct guests, section off areas from guests, or keep them away from product displays. Stanchions are available as plastic outdoor versions, and chrome or brass plated indoor versions. A wide range of connecting rope options are available, from burlap through to heavy velvet rope. Rope is available in Red, Black, or Gold.


3D Spandex Shapes

Spandex pieces come in a variety of sizes and shapes and have great versatility in regards to installation options. They can be hung vertical, horizontal, or from a ceiling. They are often utilized with up-lighting or wash effects to accent the look. White Spandex also makes an excellent contemporary projection screen for monograms or video.

3D Spandex Structures

Spandex structures have become very popular for a contemporary approach to columns. They stand alone or can be combined with stretch spandex shapes and up-lighting to add visual interest to a room. With the addition of black drapery, you can really make them pop.


Modular Walls and Set Pieces

Modular Walls are typically constructed using aluminum framing and perspex or textured plastic inserts. They typically arrive as 2ft square panels that are connected together to form a 'wall' in the desired configuration and height. Truss is often used behind for support and panels are front or rear lit for a stunning centerpiece for Conferences and Corporate Meetings. Panels can integrate other elements such as projection screens, monitors, and branding elements for a more seamless look.

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